LeBron James in this Finals is nothing short of extraordinary. Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Someone is not ready to give up the Best in the World tag.

The 2016 NBA Finals is going to a winner takes all Game 7, after the Cleveland Cavaliers won games 5 and 6, convincingly. After being down 3-1, and seemingly being written off, the Cavs are on the verge of not just only breaking a looooong championship curse for the city of Cleveland, but are also one win away from being the ultimate showstoppers, as they try to spoil the Golden State Warriors’ historic season.

And LeBron James has spearheaded that entire barrage.

To say that LeBron James is having a great Finals is a big understatement. He has eclipsed the unanimous MVP with his all around brilliance. He has dominated in every facet of the game statistically, leading in every single statistics for BOTH teams.


First in everything. Image credit to thebiglead.com

The numbers are astounding.

In these Finals, LeBron James is averaging 30 points, 51% FG, 41% 3PT, 11 rebounds, 8 assists, 2 steals, 2 blocks per contest. That is borderline Shaquille O’neal and Michael Jordan Finals levels of domination. He has done everything imaginable on the court, from scoring, to defending, to making teammates better, to doing the little things.

And The King showed up when he was needed to most, by putting up two masterful games while being on the brink of elimination, dropping 41 points, each, on Game 5 and Game 6, doing so while shooting better than 50% in both FG and 3PT, averaging  12 rebounds and 9 assists from two games, and putting a lockdown defensive performance with 6 steals and 7 blocks combined in both games.

LeBron James should be the Finals MVP.

And it would not be a contest if Cleveland pulls the upset and win the Championship, but it should not be a contest regardless if the Warriors take the crown.

James has been picked by most pundits to be the Finals MVP of last year’s NBA Finals, as he put up great numbers. Golden State took the series and Andre Iguodala was named Finals MVP. But despite that, LeBron had a massive case to win the Bill Russell trophy, as evident by a 35 points, 13 rebounds, 8 assists, 1 steal stat line. There was no player in both teams that have played better than James last year, and he got stripped of the award because his team fell short.

061716 lebron james 1.vadapt.664.high.38

You come to take out the king, You best not miss. Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Fast forward a year, and LeBron is at it again. This time, however, he has been much more efficient compare to last year, while putting up close to the same numbers. But this is different, very different.

LeBron James willed the Cavs to Game 7.

Twice Cleveland faced elimination. Ever since the end of Game 4, the Warriors are being proclaimed the winners by almost everyone but Cavs fan, and quite possibly even some of them did the same. And twice, LeBron James stepped into the plate and gave the world back to back performance for the ages. Playing with a sense of urgency, and a lot of pride, reminiscent of 2012 Eastern Conference Finals, as he take the hearts of every Boston Celtics fan. James refused to lose, and he has shown it on the court. His teammates benefited from everything he has done in the last two games, and now they are in a position to reach glory.

LeBron James in this finals, is literally the definition of Most Valuable Player.

Not since Jerry West did the league gave the Finals MVP to a player on the losing team. There will be of course no conversation if the Cavs are crowned NBA champions. But the Warriors are coming in as the favorites for Game 7, playing at home with a crowd that can take away any will from any opponent, so the Cavs still are in for a fight. The outcome on Sunday’s final NBA game of the year is still out for grabs, one thing should be locked in, no excuses!

It doesn’t matter if any of the Splash Brothers scores 50. It doesn’t matter if Draymond Green posts a triple-double. It doesn’t matter if Kyrie Irving goes on a hot shooting night again as he did in Game 5. All of this should be irrelevant.

LeBron James, regardless of what happens on Sunday, is the Finals MVP. And it will be an act of treason to not give The King his crown.


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