Warriors versus Oklahoma City

Missing when it mattered. (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)

The 15-16 Warriors were 73-9. No one will remember that.

The 15-16 Warriors are a historic team. No one will say that, ever again.

Losing this series after being up 3-1 really hammered home the fact that they didn’t deserve this title. They didn’t. It’s not theirs. They had their fingers on that Larry O’Brien trophy but they just don’t have it in them to grab it. No amount of injuries or suspensions would erase the fact that they did not show up.

Sorry, Draymond Green, this time, you guys sucked. Well, probably not you. But the rest? Absolutely.

Steph Curry is slowly getting the Peyton Manning moniker. Astounding in regular season, sub par when it matters. That’s twice now he was M.I.A in the Finals, with deceivingly good numbers, but empty on the impact. It’s looking more and more like the Warriors are, evidently, is Draymond Green’s team. Where were you, Steph, other than throwing the ball away? Where were you other than grabbing meaningless fouls? And most importantly, where were you when your team needed you the most?

Steph Curry is the first ever Unanimous MVP. So what?

Charles Barkley’s point is right on. A shooting team can’t win a championship. Because shooting can get streaky, and when they tensions are high, and every possession matters, streaky will kill you, and it did the Warriors. How they survived it last year would still be the scrutiny these Dubs have to face as they failed to close this year. They didn’t have anything else to offer offensively. You live by the three, you die by the three, and they did, in the most painful, scarring way possible.

Splash damage didn’t do much when it mattered.


The season is indeed a failure, as Klay Thompson has said. (Doug Duran/Bay Area News Group)


History is written by the winners. And the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James would be more than happy to re-write a once historic timeline. No one talks about failure, take it from the New England Patriots, who most arguments are about Spygate, Deflategate instead of their historic unbeaten regular season. The highest of the highs can really hurt as you fall, and how the mightiest have fallen.

15-16 Golden State Warriors,  your historic season is now six feet under. This was your destiny to take and you just either didn’t want it, or didn’t have it. You ran into LeBron James who was more dedicated to fulfill a promise so much that he literally blocked your destiny away.

And you didn’t do anything about it, or didn’t do enough. You could have, as you shown all year, but for some reason, you didn’t. And now, get ready to have a heavy heart for the next few months.

What are you going to do now? Everyone in the Bay Area will wait for your response.


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