Square peg, round hole? Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report

Emergency commentary! Needed to be done because of the amount of “what the fuck?”

So, as I am writing this, I have NBA TV on the background and I’m listening to the current news.

Dwyane Wade is now a Chicago Bull. Yep, turns out, Heat-Lifer means that once I don’t get the proper compensation I deserve, I’m bolting. Can’t blame D-Wade on that decision though. He sacrificed enough, and when he asks to get his, Miami took care of the new guys first.

But enough of that, he’s now back in his hometown. Great! He’s now in a team with All-Star teammates in Rajon Rondo and Jimmy Butler. Great!

Is it?

Let me get this straight….

The Chicago Bulls moved on from Derrick Rose, the other Chi-Town prodigal son. They did so because quite possibly, Jimmy Butler needs the ball in his hands and Derrick Rose might get in a way of that.

They got Jose Calderon and Robin Lopez from Derrick Rose. Solid move, especially since that Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah decided to move on, Lopez is a great stop gap.

And then they signed Rajon Rondo.


So the Bulls traded away  a guy who  would take away the ball from Jimmy Butler and signed a PG who actually needs the ball MORE than Rose does? Rondo fills up the stat sheet, especially in the assists department. But to do that, he has to have the ball pretty much the entirety of the 24 second shot clock. He’s not a good shooter (that’s being nice), nor is he good off the ball. You’d think that he’s as worse a fit as Rose has been, at least Rose can hit three pointers on a below average rate to stretch the floor for Butler to work. Rondo would just build bricks.

And then, the big news. Dwyane Wade is coming back to Chicago.

Yeah, on paper it looks great. Rondo – Wade – Butler. All-Star lineup. Chicago has their own big three.


Chicago just added another non-three point shooter, and another ball dominant player.

Seriously, Bulls, what the fuck are you doing?

Do they still value spacing at all? The only legitimate threat they had to stretch the floor is Doug McDermott (who’s obviously not going to start), Nikola Mirotic (who isn’t known for his defense), and Mike Dunleavy (who they’re trading to get cap room for Wade). The Bulls will sport THREE guys who aren’t reliable 3 point shooters.

Butler – career 32% 3PT
Wade – career 28% 3PT
Rondo – career 28% 3PT

Sure, there was a point last year where Butler shot 37%, respectable, but he only took 3 a game. Even if we assume that he gets to that averages, he’s not taking enough to be a threat beyond the arc.

All the opponent has to do is dare them to shoot from the 3, and chances are, they won’t make it.

All three, as mentioned, are ball heavy players in their own rights. They are effective when the have the ball in their hands, and with that means two of them are being limited because the other has the ball, running plays for himself.

They are all unselfish players, but with very little space on the floor, how are they going to work offensively?

Name recognition is one thing, but the Bulls have a lot of work to figure out what offense they’re going to run. There could not have been a more awful fit than these three.

But hey, at least Dwyane Wade is home, right? Imagine the jersey sales…


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